Surfactant Specialities Pvt. Ltd. (SSPL)

Established in 2009, Surfactant Specialities Pte. Ltd. (SSPL), Singapore offers market research services for surfactant and speciality products based on field expertise spanning 20 years and covering a global geography. SSPL offers comprehensive support by sourcing for raw materials and identifying markets for the finished products. These services are provided through a network with global players and TG's experience in countries in Asia, Middle East and Africa.

  • Surfactant Market Research & Analysis
  • Market Development Activities
  • Raw Material Sourcing
  • Marketing of Surfactants & Specialities
  • Surfactants and Oleochemicals Trading
  • Custom Surfactant Blends
  • Sourcing of Detergent Alkylates, Surfactants (Anionic, Ationic, Nonionic), Specialities (Betaines, Amides, Sulfosuccinates, Amine Oxides), Soap Noodles & Sequestering Agent & Builders

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