Surfactant Specialities Pvt. Ltd. (SSPL)

Surfactant Specialities Pvt. Ltd. (SSPL) is established in Singapore and meets global requirement for specialty and green surfactants through 3P manufacturing in different geographies. SSPL also specialises in blended products for home and personal care use including Ultraconcentrated cleaners from renewables for machine and hand wash applications. SSPL has logistics and distribution hub in Singapore, UAE and USA.

  • Surfactant Market Research & Analysis
  • Market Development Activities
  • Raw Material Sourcing
  • Marketing of Surfactants & Specialities
  • Surfactants and Oleochemicals Trading
  • Custom Surfactant Blends and B2C Ultra concentrated products
  • Detergent Alkylates, Surfactants (Anionic, Anionic, Non-ionic), Specialities (Betaines, Amides, Sulfosuccinates, Amine Oxides), Sequestering Agent, Preservatives ,Enzymes, Colours, fragrances and additives

Green Surfactants

  • Betaines & Derivatives
  • Amphoterics
  • Benzol Quats
  • APG & Derivatives
  • Sulfosuccinates
  • Sarcosinates
  • Fatty Amides
  • Fatty acid esters
  • Ester Quats
  • Biosurfactants

Primary surfactants from renewables

  • Alcohol Sulphates
  • Alcohol Ether Sulphates
  • Alcohol and Ester based Non-Ionics
  • Methyl Ester Sulfonates

Custom blends of ultra-concentrated cleaners

Original B2C Product Manufacturer for Ultra-Concentrated Cleaners from renewables (Sulfate, Phosphate and Paraben free) for hand and machine wash.

Business to business products manufacturing, trading and distribution of Green Surfactants in these regions


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